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  • Autoresponse System Sends each "visitor" an email then redirects the "visitor" to the "Members" website.

    HTML Emails HTML autoresponse messages supported.

    Adv Autoresponse System Members can choose which generic messages they want to use.

    Privacy Policy Page Each system comes with a privacy policy page with a default message that you can edit.

    Campaign Tracking Create campaigns to track which leads came from which source.

    Replicating Landing Page Each "member" gets their own url (Url Example: to send their prospective leads to. You can also use all 300+ pages at the same time. Each page has its own url. So you would simply click on the url in the members area and use that url to use that page. This is an example of the long url

    Statistics Monthly statistics show the amount of visitors each month and the "Members" conversion ratio.

    Contact Report Report shows "Members" a list of all the "visitors" that have filled out their capture page.

    Custom Signature Members can add a custom signature to their autoresponse messages.

    Update Info Members can easily update their personal info, including the website they wish "visitors" to be redirected to.

    Banners Page A banners page where "Members" can get banner code to use to promote their page.

    Resources Section You will have access to our resource section with various resources regarding building a profitable home business.

    Aweber/Get Response Support Members can choose to have their autoresponder and contacts managed by their Aweber/ Get Response account if they prefer.

    Various Pages Members can use any of our available pages at any time. (300 plus pages)
    Make Your Own Pages Members can make their own page. We have various templates that you can edit and add your own video. We also have a built in page creator that allows you to make a new custom page within minutes. See our training video in the members area under resources.