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What do We Provide?

We Provide Custom Splash Pages & autoresponder follow up systems. Our system allows you to choose one of our various custom splash pages (300+). With our system you also receive a built in 13 series autoresponder follow up system that will build your prospects trust in you & your opportunity. You now have a virtually unlimited opportunity to advertise to your now "opt in" subscriber.

What is follow up Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is much like a fax-on-demand system, where you call a number or, in this case, email a specific email address, fill out a form on a website or do something, like buying something online and get an instant reply . Internet marketing and online business people agree that email autoresponders are the greatest marketing tool ever invented. Why? Because it gives people instant access to information! Plus it saves you time and effort. Imagine having to manually write 100's of emails to people that respond to your ad (That would take hours to do). With our built in autoresponder the person instantly receives a personalized email from you with your contact information.

What is Lead Capture Page?

A lead capture page is a small one page website that allows your visitor to enter their contact information to request more information on your product or opportunity. Instead of having your visitor search through your entire website reading through pages and pages of information a lead capture page is designed to be simple yet deliver a very direct message about your business opportunity or products. A lead capture page also allows you to collect each intrested prospect information. From there you can follow up with them with an autoresponder series of messages which will highly increase your rate of signups & sales.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

After you order you can instantly create your account. Then once in the members area you can select one of our predesigned capture pages or design your own usineg our built in page wizard.

Start Building Your Lead Capture Page!