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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How Much Does A Lead Capture Page Cost And How Long Does It Take To Make One?

A: Our Lead capture systems are Only $129.95 per year for a membership or $14.95 per month

Q: How do I set up my capure page?

A: Simply sign up and select the capture page you want to use.

Q: After my Lead Capture Page built will you promote it for me?

A:    Yes we do when you join the Advertising coop. Which is $44.95 a month. (advertising is not included with the $14.95 package or the $2 trial)

Q: Can I use my own domain name ?

A: Yes You can forward your domain name directly to the lead capture page.  We suggest you purchase your domain for easy use in advertising. (Example:

Q: Can I promote my Lead Capture page with Bulk Email?

A: No.  We do not allow our clients to promote our link directly through the use of Bulk Email.  Should you wish to use this method of promotion we need to know who you are using to do the mailing and where your leads where purchased.  ANY clients page who abuses this rule will be DISABLED without refund.  If you would like to do bulk emailing you would need to get your own domain name and redirect that url.

Q: How fresh are the leads when they are delivered to me?

A:   When someone submits their information through your capture page it will be available in your back office instantly.  These are the freshest, highest quality leads available to marketers. 

Q: Will my Lead Capture page be linked to an Auto-responder?

A:  Yes. All of our pages will have it's own followup autoresponder with our generic home business email letters that work for any business or you can also write your own series of messages to go out to your prospects. After you create your account you simply login and select the messages you want to use or create your own. You have to click load messages for them to start going out.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes our new Version 3.0 has the affiliate built into the members backoffice. Therefore the affiliate program is only available for Active members.

Q: How much does your affiliate program pay?

A: It pays 27% per month for each person that signs up via your link.

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